Security improvements coming up in Mozilla Firefox 1.0

A new preview release of version 1.0 of the Mozilla Firefox browser is just about to be out next week. Here’s some information about security improvements and fixes that will be included. (via Burning Edge)

Why is it called a Preview Release 1.0 anyway ? There is a nice explanation of the 1.0 release strategy in the Firefox 1.0 Roadmap. The improvements and fixes:

  • 241705 – If a site not in your whitelist attempts to install software, a yellow information bar now appears instead of a dialog*. This prevents malicious sites from repeatedly popping up a software installation dialog until you accept. The initial whitelist contains only
  • 22183 – Make the address bar visible in all pop-up windows to prevent spoofing. (See also 252811.)
  • 245406 – Display domain in status bar for secure sites.
  • 244025 – For secure sites, show lock icon in address bar (in addition to showing it in the status bar) and make address bar yellow *.
  • [*] Neil Turner: More on new Firefox features describes these new features in more depth.

    More information and details are available at the known Vulnerabilities in Mozilla page.


    2 réflexions sur « Security improvements coming up in Mozilla Firefox 1.0 »

    1. I dont understand how displaying of a lock icon in address bar is security feature. I mean if a phisher runs a site with SSL and user doesnt care abt the URL then « HOW DOES THIS HELP?? »

    2. It helps more than the current situation, having the lock icon in the bottom corner, where it’s barely visible. In conjunction with color coding, it’s a much more visual way of telling if a site has SSL support. Phishing sites most often use popup windows with no address bar, which are both difficult to accomplish with the listed enhancements.

      If you can’t see how this relates to security, I’m afraid I can’t help you much.

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