How to jumpstart SIP in your university

Of course there is a catch and these guys are in for the money. But as a customer, I can’t see how this offer is not fair. Get free calls for you and your network pals, collect a server first.

From Michael Robertson’s latest email to users:

« […]UCSD has over 20,000 « seats » on their telephone PBX system. »

« […] I predict […] universities like UCSD will start abandoning their expensive, old PBX systems for flexible linux-based softswitches like the one we used with UCSD. In fact, we tied our network to UCSDs for under $500 and less than a day of work. »

« […] Inspired? If you are a member of a university anywhere in the world and you would like to interconnect our network, drop me a line. We have setup a site just for you explaining the process and the requirements in good detail. And for selected universities, I will even ship you a free pre-configured demonstration server to get you going in just a few days.« 

I am considering going back to school 🙂