I recently had an interesting discussion with a volunteer that wants to help with web development for one of the associations I’m involved in. We agreed on many things, like what has to be done, how long it may take, etc. Except he’s mostly an ASP . NET developper.

So I was deploying my Open Source advocate charm and weapons, agreeing with this article’s top three reasons why people are moving to PHP:

  1. Avoiding IIS security bugs
  2. Avoiding vendor lock-in (your web site and application can be instantly moved to any platform and operating system where apache and PHP have been ported to -that is, virtually anything- from windows to linux, from linux to unix, you-name-it)
  3. There are thousands of ready-to-install PHP scripts to do almost any server-side task you can think of, many of them open source as well

I also mentioned the importance of using free, open source tools and environments when developing for a non-profit organization.

I think he felt attacked, and kept repeating « but ASP . NET is free too » and « hosting is only 20$/mo. ». I guess at this point we both felt we’ve gone too far in separate paths to find a way to work together. Or have we ? I’d love to hear opinions from any former-programmer-days friends…

First make sure you also take a look at PHP and ASP .NET Go Head-to-Head.

To be honest I’ve never tried ASP .NET but the more I read about it, the more I tend to stick to my current ethical and professional choices. Of course I hate OOP but that’s a whole different story 🙂


Une réflexion sur « PHP vs ASP .NET »

  1. Nice article.

    One thing I’ve learned is that we each have our preferences (C, Perl, JSP, ASP, PHP, Python, etc.) and our own reasons not to switch. One of them is having to recreate all our reusable components, classes or libs.

    If you have the choice, they all have their pros and cons but you also have to consider the other variables of a projet like the available resources (Technical administrators, programmers, hardware, software license, etc.), the priorities (Maintenance, Security, Deadlines, etc.) and the one that sometimes makes all the difference, the budget!

    For those of you who mite want to switch from ASP to PHP, take a look at this program : asp2php. It can probably help you to convert small ASP scripts.

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