2.0: 7 months to go!

Well, that is the plan. At the end of this month new development in the user interface will stop and the next months will be used to test release candidates and beta versions. Here’s some of the features that will be added in 2.0 and how to get a preview download.

The current development, unstable, for-testing-purposes-only version can be downloaded now.

A complete list of features is available online at the main site. However, I’d like to summairze a few features I view as being the most important in this release to bring it up to speed:


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  1. I think the redesign of the toolbars will be the most important change in the 2.0 release. IMHO it’s one of the thinks that keeps people from completely switching to OOo. Even advanced OOo users have to admit, the toolbars are a mess…

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