Mozilla: a stereo with one station!

That’s the silliest comparison I’ve heard to convince me that I’m using a browser that needs to be « upgraded ». This one comes from VistaPrint Help Section. Perhaps you too want to help we write them a little (polite) note about this.
Update: There is a section of Mozilla’s site on how to deal with this.

I’ve previously talked about other big companies or organizations that don’t support Mozilla-based browsers (or don’t know they do) and it seems they are open to change in this respect.

However they have to be told that we need that change and that we are not an isolated group of geeks and nerds . Or perhaps we are, but more normal people are joining us. They also need to be told that Mozilla-based browsers are not one of these:

You see, we are offering breakthrough technology here that is so powerful and so intuitive; some browsers simply can’t support it.

I’ll be posting a template email I’m sending to these companies, please let me know if you’ve seen that somewhere.