Home page. error handling updated

I have updated my home page to reflect a bit more of what I am doing these days. I am using it frequently when meeting new customers. I also updated the error handling on the site. What do you think ?
I’ve always been hesitant to do this alone, mostly because I really suck at design 🙂 I know some of the best, but I think some of the personality of my site would be lost if I handed the design over to someone else… not for now…

Right now I still think it’s too crowded so I opted for almost no graphics and I also decided to leave the blog part completely separate. I also added a french version of the site, and will be adding spanish too. I previously had an automated translator but it’s too clunky. I will be adding automatic browser-language detection, though.

I’m putting lots of professional / personal information there, but I believe most of it is available on the Internet anyways so why not put it here where it belongs first ?

Regarding the error handling pages, I used a True-Type font and the imagettftext() function in PHP for the title, along with some simple logic for the messages.

I’d love to hear any comments about how you find the new home page and what would be useful in an error-handling page (I’ve thought about adding the blog search engine), so don’t be shy!