Reason: Database Nation: The upside of « zero privacy »

It’s been some time since I’ve come accross an article that illustrates clearly the many implications of the total loss of privacy the digital age has brought to us. Today a friend almost lost his wallet full of credit-cards and IDs and I could tell a heart attack was near.
In Database Nation: The upside of « zero privacy » Declan McCullagh gives the reader an accurate view of what’s hapening but most importantly what are the uses of their personal data. Although a little US-centric – what isn’t these days ? – many of the scenarios described will sound familiar or have a strange feeling of « déjà-vu ».

Of course this was featured on Slashdot. One interesting comment mentioned:

Wired Magazine a year or so ago, I remember, had a page on how to regain privacy. Some of those tips included:
– Gaining access to a fake SSN
– Not using a Cell phone
– Never using a credit card
– Do not have a mortgage

Something most Americans are incapable of doing without moving to the woods and living off the land.

And last but not least:

The real news, and sad news it is, is that anyone considers Reason’s example earth-shattering. Those who do, have been had without their knowledge for a very long time.


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  1. This weekend I was in a little similar predicament. My wallet is getting old and cards are sometimes falling off my wallet. I was actually close to closing a couple of accounts just on this pretense alone. It is truely scary what can happen.

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