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New features in 1.1rc over beta2 release

* a « talkback » style crash reporter to collect stacktrace and error information
* new command line parameter -start to automatically start a presentation after the document is loaded
* ability to update existing 1.0.x single user installations
* support for drawing objects in headers and footers
* an example XSLT filter for Office 2003 XML format
* support for MS Excel 95 and older form controls
* UNO python bridge – python is now a first class language for creating UNO components for
* built in spell checking dictionaries for English (UK) and Italian
* built in hyphenation support for Danish, English (UK), German and Russian
* integrated Bitstream Vera fonts
* improved spelling suggestions using n-gram scoring 1.1 RC Features

Enhanced file format support

* PDF (Portable Document Format) export
* Support for mailing a document as PDF.
* DocBook/XML import/export.
* XHTML export.
* Support for exporting as a flat XML file.
* Support for Macromedia Flash (SWF) export.
* Support for mobile device formats like AportisDoc (Palm), Pocket Word and Pocket Excel.
* Example xslt based filter for Office 2003 XML documents


* Support for full keyboard navigation and control
* Support for tracking system colour scheme and theme settings
* Support for accessibility in the help system and documents
* Initial support for Assistive Technologies via Java accessibility APIs

CTL, vertical and bidirectional writing

* Support for vertical writing within text documents, text frames and graphic objects
* Support for vertical writing in spreadsheet cells (the direction is individualy selectable)
* Support for input, display and editing of scripts using Complex Text Layout (CTL)
* Support for RTL layout and text in the GUI
* Support for BiDi-writing in documents
* Support for using either Arabic or Hindi numerals
* The RTL vs. LTR default text direction is automaticly selected based on locale

Other Internationalization enhancements

* Support for various 8-bit Arabic and Hebrew text encodings / code pages.
* Support for the KOI8_U encoding.
* New CTL options tab in language options dialog.
* Rescue mode support for BiDi/CTL with X11 fonts.
* Sequence Input Checking (SIC) for languages like Thai and Hindi.
* Initial glyph fallback support.

MS Office compatibility enhancements
All components

* More accurate import and export of graphics objects
* Import and export of CJK and CTL documents
* Enhancements to overall stability and accuracy of conversion


* Forms conversion within Word documents
* Improved import of text document layout


* Support for Data Validation
* Import/export of graphical details of charts


* Even better one-to-one layout of text frames
* Improvements to import of WordArt objects


* Enhanced footnote support.
* Improved hyperlink support for TOCs.
* Improved keyboard handling in toolboxes.
* Plain text files are now imported using a non-proportional font.
* Configurable font for HTML and BASIC source code.
* Support for drawing objects in headers and footers


* Alternative language support for spell check on text drawing object.
* New command line option -start to start the presentation automatically after the document is loaded.


* Import and export of areas in charts in Excel files that are formatted with bitmaps, textures or hatchings.
* The sum button inserts a sum function or a subtotal function, depending on context.
* Support for Excel 95 (and older) form controls


* Table control via keyboard navigation in table designer.
* Added ability to switch off brackets for bibliography fields.
* New database type in data source administration dialog – MySQL.
* Ability to add labels to field names in the report wizard.
* A data source can now use any character set known to
* UI support for user installed database drivers.
* Database Report Wizard

Writing Aids

* Autodetection of newly installed languages for spellchecker, thesaurus and hyphenator.
* Integrated support for spell checking English (US and UK) and Italian
* Integrated support for hyphenation of Danish, English (UK and US), German and Russian
* Initial support for spell checking Hindi
* Spell checking uses n-gram scoring for suggestions

Programing and Automation

* Macro Recorder
* Crash reporter for collecting crash dump and error information
* Integrated Python-UNO bridge allowing creation of UNO components in Python
* A new java to native UNO bridge with up to 10 times better performance.
* Detection of a misconfigured Java installation.
* ActiveX Control (Windows only).
* Additional property pages for file types in Windows Explorer.

Other Enhancements

* The splash screen now has a progress bar.
* Improved online help content.
* Improved configurability of dialogs and toolbars.
* Improved URL autocompletion in hyperlink dialog.
* The context menu now contains ‘Open Hyperlink’ if opened on a URL.
* Locking of user installations against accesses from multiple machines with shared directories.
* Command line tools and an API for importing configuration data into the backend.
* Document windows are now always created in a cascade to avoid new window completely overlapping the old one.
* Support for registering add-ons and accessing add-ons via an auto-generated menu.
* New FTP file access component.
* The registration dialog will now display instead of addressbook data source selection on first run.
* Support for recovering slightly damaged files.
* New ppd file for generic postscript printing with type42 font support.
* Support for copy/paste of bitmap graphics on Unix.

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