New Zealand News | The new PGP wins over security boffins

This article describes some of the features of the upcoming PGP updates and past hostory, however ignoring all other implementations (commercial or not) available in the market. PR ploy ? I learned a new word reading this: [i]boffin[/i]: A scientist, especially one engaged in research (via

« > Dunkelberger said improvements included true user transparency, so messages were encoded and decoded at an email gateway, without the user having to do anything; centralised policy management and enforcement inside and outside the firewall; and the ability to work with multiple clients, so the software will support all types of email and instant messaging systems.

All this is currently possible with FLOSS ([I]Free/Libre Open Source Software[/I]). It’s interesting they mention instant messaging system[b]s[/b], specially after the recent news on AOL merging AIM with crypto. Previous versions of PGP supported ICQ, and it’s worth noting most messaging protocols (except Jabber) have message length limits by design and can’t effectively support encryption.

The rest of the article is a good summary of the recent evolution of PGP Inc. and its products.

[b]Numbers, numbers…[/b]

« >[…] more than 50 per cent of corporate intelligence is now tied up in email.

– Phil Dunkelberger, chief executive, PGP

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