| Enigmail 0.76.1 for Mozilla and for Thunderbird available

Enigmail is a GnuPG plugin for the mail clients in Mozilla/Netscape and the latest version is now available for both Thuderbird (alpha, meaning very preliminary release) and Mozilla Mail .

Thunderbird is the new email application and Firebird is the new browser that both came from the original big Mozilla/Communicator packages (roughly…). Thunderbird promises to be a lightweight and standards-compliant email application, just as Firebird for a web browser. I’ve been using Firebird for a while and it’s truly mean and fast 🙂 And block pop-ups 🙂 among other things…

I think TB will probably become a good opportunity to see wide usage of email clients as more Microsoft software becomes difficult to pirate (which lots of people do anyways) and is more and more tied to its products line. For example, a recent « security patch » in all Outlook versions prevents sending email-merge from Word unless you connect to an Exchange server and set custom profiles…

I see TB as the next of email … we’ll see 😉

Enigmail 0.76.1 for Mozilla 1.4 RC-2
Enigmail for Thunderbird announcement
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