Firefoxing after 60

My father-in-law had been complaining about the popups and endless advertising spam he was getting on his Windows 98 + IE install so I swtiched him to FF about 6 weeks ago.

It was weird that I had totally forgotten about this until recently, when we were going to pick apples with the family, and during a conversation, in the middle of other totally unrelated stuff we had this exchange:

Him: BTW, my computer is much faster now, thanks!
Me: Huh ? What are you talking about ?
Him: Remember when you came to our place and you fixed the computer ?
Me: I only switched your default browser to Mozilla’s Firefox…
Him: Whatever, the popups are gone and everything’s much faster now.
[…]apple-picking conversation resumed

I don’t know if I was more surprised I hadn’t had a single « family tech support » call about the new install in weeks or shocked by the surprising timing of this comment.