PGP Corporation – Announcing PGP Universal

I got this announcement this morning early in an email, just wanted to get it online and will be comenting later 🙂

Dear PGP Customer:

We are pleased to announce the shipment of PGP(r)

Thank you for purchasing products from PGP Corporation.
Over the last year, we have met with customers around the
world to help us design a new generation of security
products. Our goal was to take trusted PGP technology and
deploy it in a way that would allow customers to finally
secure all their electronic assets.

The result is PGP Universal, a new architecture and
product family deploying proven PGP technology at the
network level, making email security both automatic and
requiring no user intervention. By combining a
self-managing security architecture with the proxying of
standard email protocols, PGP Universal enables customers
to achieve measurable email security.

In customer meetings it became clear PGP Universal must
meet the needs of five groups:
– Executives that want to comply with regulations and
minimize risk
– Business units that must communicate privately and
securely with customers and partners
– Security groups that must enforce and measure email
– IT organizations that don?t want to change their
processes or integrate new technologies
– Users who just want to do their jobs

PGP Universal was built with these needs in mind. It
– Automatic key generation and life cycle management
– Central and uniform security policy control
– Policy enforcement on both inbound and outbound email
– Automatic and transparent operation to users
– Automatic and transparent operation to the network
– Easy and incremental deployment
– Practical and cost-effective to ?secure everything?
– Full compatibility with existing PGP Desktop products

PGP Universal is available immediately for purchase or
customer evaluation. An FAQ and white paper with detailed
information are available at from your
PGP sales representative, or a PGP Certified Solution

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Thank you for your interest in PGP products.


Andrew Krcik
Vice President, Marketing and Products
PGP Corporation